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Primary 1 I Love Maths – Practice Makes Perfect


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‘I love Maths‘ is a Maths assessment book written in accordance to the latest Singapore Ministry of Education 2014 syllabus.

This book, written for Primary 1 pupils, helps to introduce the basic concepts of Maths and provides intensive practice to master the basic concepts. It also explores the subject in a friendly way making Maths a loving subject, instead of a dreadful one.

The various features of this book include Topical exercises, Mid-year revision and End of the year revision papers and detailed worked solutions. Topical exercises contain questions which are graded from simple to challenging ones.

This helps the pupil to learn the basic concepts in a gradual manner. Mid-year and End of the year revision papers help to wrap up and summarise the topics learnt and help to assess the level of understanding by the pupil.

Detailed worked solutions serve as a valuable guide for parents to coach their children.

Pupils will find this book to be a good supplement and complement to their school textbooks and workbooks. The comprehensive coverage makes this book a valuable and countable resource for pupils, parents and teachers.

The special features in this book will inspire pupils to gain greater competency in the subject and improve the mathematical problem solving skills.

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Edlynn Rose B.Sc. (Hons),

Hasina Gaffar,

Thana B.SC Maths with Psychology(Dip in Edu)


Fairfield Book Publishers Pte Ltd


Primary 1


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