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Primary 2 Grammar and Vocabulary

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The study of English grammar is of great importance as it builds a strong foundation in the English language.

This book serves as a guide to lower primary children as it provides them with notes and examples to help them understand the exercises.

At the same time, parents and teachers will find this book useful as I have included activities that can be used as a pre-activity to teach or post-activity to reinforce the grammar concepts. This will help reduce the time taken for both parents and teachers to look for activities.

Where necessary, I have included resources in the appendices. Many of the exercises are varied so as to arouse the interest of the child in learning grammar and to expose him or her to different text types. The language exposure will broaden the child’s learning experience.

I hope both parents and teachers use the activities as a teaching aid and the children are able to use grammar to achieve their communicative ends.

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