Fairfield Book Publishers was founded in 1986 and have 35 years of experience in publishing books for learning. We are pioneers in educational books ranging
from Preschool level to Advanced level.

Al-HAJ. S.A. SHAIK DAWOOD,  the founder of Fairfield Book Publishers, started this educational journey from a humble beginning. Mr. Gaffar who has succeeded the founder is now the Managing Director of Fairfield Book Publishers. Since taking over, Mr. Gaffar has transformed the company and added over 600 books from what was a mere 10.

Fairfield Book Publishers produces books on multifarious subjects that are in alignment with the syllabuses that are current. These books are designed with students in mind – from Preschool students to students sitting the GCE Advanced Level, IGCSE as well as IB Examinations.

At Fairfield Book Publishers, we consult educational experts to design books that will meet the needs of students at all levels and on subjects taught in schools in Singapore and worldwide. Hence our book is currently being used by students in Singapore as well as countries around the world. Our continued collaboration and partnership with experienced educationists ensures that our books are useful resources to students of all age groups. Fairfield Book Publishers is an educational organisation that is committed to provide learning materials and resources high in quality to facilitate and support students during their learning journeys.

Books from Fairfield Book Publishers are available for purchase at major online bookstores such as Amazon, Popular Bookstores, Times Bookstores and Mustafa Centre. Our books are also sold through our esteemed distributors in Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Mauritius, Myanmar and the Philippines.

At Fairfield Book Publishers, our objective is to make learning an enjoyable experience for all our students thus redefining students’ learning experience!

Our Work

At  FAIRFIELD BOOK  PUBLISHERS  we have transformed our Corporate mission to forefront our student-centric approach captured in our tagline,  “REDEFINE YOUR LEARNING  EXPERIENCE".

We are a tightly-knit company who unceasingly aim for business growth while at the same time aim to offer effective solutions to issues faced by students, teachers and parents. We are dedicated to achieve success through helping people find satisfaction through our publishing  endeavours. We strongly believe that “LEARNING” should provide children with confidence and courage while making the process enjoyable. We firmly believe that “LEARNING” has the power to change our world for the better.

Our history and tradition of over 35 years have been developed diligently to provide publications that are current for the era. In the coming year, we will step into the next stage of our exciting history, embarking on new challenges as well as making a concerted effort to pursue publishing
that would surpass the status quo to meet the contemporary and diverse values and needs of the children nationally and internationally. We aim to continue to be one of the fountainheads of inspiration in providing contents for children’s educational and character development.